Recreated Foliage 1.19

Recreated Foliage JE 1.19

Recreated foliage is a resource pack that aims to remodel the 3d aspect of different blocks with the "foliage" theme, in this first update all the saplings were added with their potted version.

Currently this pack does not need to use optifine for it to work correctly!.

Added blocks (and potted):

  • An alternate pack of sheets (beware, it may affect performance a bit)
  • Acacia
  • Azalea
  • birch
  • dark oak
  • Spruce
  • jungle
  • oak
  • azalea bush
  • mangrove propagule
  • fern
  • flower pot
  • grass variation
  • vines

Patreon exclusive:

  • Birch sapling
  • Leaves addon pack
  • Azalea bush
  • Flowering Azalea bush

Progress: (JE 28%) (BE 0%)
Game version: 1.19
Resolution 16x
Optifine: No

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