Beyond of Blossom

What is?

Beyond of blossom is the name of a new project, it is a resource pack with a balance and a peculiar theme, designed for the most recent versions of java edition.

How? Concepts and origin

The concepts are clear, it is a very ambitious project that will be based on concepts such as fantasy, exploration, fun, visual noise reduction, a design suitable for all audiences, a new visual experience within the world of resources, and of course, a touch of nostalgia by renewing the visual aspect of a video game that many of us love.

A new visual experience? inspiration

It is true that if we talk about pbr resource packs, we will find incredible projects, whether they are highly realistic or more cartoon/toy simulations, however, what differentiates this project from the rest?

One of the main objectives in this resource pack is the accessibility to the gameplay, the pack is limited to a resolution of 1024x, which means a balance between a good visual experience, and a consumption of resources that is not as exaggerated as it can happen in most hyper realistic packs.

Now, talking about inspiration, it basically takes the look of some open world mmorpg, since its vegetation and landscapes are so pleasing to the eye, and they have common characteristics that can be represented with this resource pack.


Although the project is still in a very, very early stage of development, the ideas are clear, and in the following paragraphs I will mention some interesting and curious aspects about the graphic development of this project.

The programs used in order from most used to least used are Photoshop, Materialize, Gimp, Illustrator and Blender, and each texture is created from a blank canvas, to which a normal map and a specular map are subsequently added. 

As you can see in the images, it is a project with a high level of detail, where it is tested as many times as necessary to obtain a reflection, roughness, depth, contrast, tonality, and in total, a visual harmony in each block, that is one of the reasons why at first the package could be called "handcraft", other ideas were "full of life" "overblooming" and finally "beyond of blossom" was chosen, which is a name according to the concept of adventure and fantasy.

Finally, and as mentioned before, the project is under development and it is very likely that many things, especially in the graphic part, will change over time!


While the resource pack is compatible with any shader that has the PBR option, below is the ideal configuration with which the pack is constantly tested. The recommended shaders are called "Complementary shaders", and this is the recommended setting.

Note: if you are using the 256x version, set the Parallax Quality option to 256

Another important setting is found within the options menu, video settings, details, alternate blocks: OFF.
This option will help the blocks not to appear cut, that is, each texture coincides and it is not appreciated where the limit of each block is.

How can I get it?

I would appreciate the support of the project supported by patreon, that way I can dedicate more time to its development, you can also get the 1024x version there.

Progress: (JE 17%) (BE 0%)

Game version: 1.19+
Resolution 128x and 1024x
Optifine: yes

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