Glow Lichen to Glow Mushroom 1.19

Glow Lichen to Glow Mushroom is a resource pack that replaces the texture and the 3d model of the glow lichen, adding luminous mushrooms that provide a slightly more visually aesthetic environment, it can be used without optifine, however, the plus that it adds when using optifine is that it is also adapted to have an emissive texture.

Glow Lichen to Glow Mushroom JE 1.19

  • The 3d model was adapted to be compatible with the different orientations.
  • Designed the texture inspired by the color tone of the luninous squid.
  • The vanilla structure of the mushrooms (brown and red) was used.

Progress: (JE 100%) (BE 0%)
Game version: 1.19
Resolution 16x
Optifine: Optional

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