Cute and better boats

Cute and better boats is a resourcepack that, like most packs related to boats, needs optifine to work, it replaces the 3d model of the old boats with a much more fun new style, adding a small roof that does not obstruct not at all the visibility of the players, in addition, it is designed so that it can be used with different textures and can maintain the new model, that is, you can place another type of wood and it will be applied to this same boat model!.

Cute and Better Boats JE and BE 1.18.1

  • Base 3d modeling was rebuilt.
  • The 3d model is adjusted to be used and compatible with any other resource pack.
  • The base is modified and planks were added inside to simulate small seats and decorations.
  • Oars redesigned to have a slightly slimmer look.
  • Changed the base shape to reduce the boxy look, now has a bit smoother front and back face.
  • A rounded roof with small decorations has been added to give a cozy appearance and adapted to the size of the players.

Progress: 100%
Game version: 1.18.1
Resolution 16x
Optifine: Yes

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  1. HIIII could u make this also for 1.12.2? i looked at it in 1,16.5 AND I FELL IN LOVE but I would love to have it in my RLcraft world!! please consider !!