Recreated Containers

Recreated containers is definitely one of the best resource packs I've created, the purpose of this resource pack is to provide a much more aesthetic look visually but also to keep as much as possible the original look of the game, this means that many textures are reused in different ways to generate totally different containers, several of them even with special animations.

Recreated Containers JE 1.18.1

  • Furnace
  • Smoker
  • Jukebox
  • Crafting table
  • Cauldron
  • Loom
  • Stonecutter
  • Grindstone
  • Cartography table
  • Smithing table
  • Brewing stand
  • Blast Furnace
  • Composter
  • Barrel

Progress: 90%
Game version: 1.18.1
Resolution 16x
Optifine: No

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