Cute azalea boats

Cute azalea boats is one of the most well received resource packs by the community! It is a reconstruction of the 3d model of the ship, which adds an immersive azalea decoration on the roof and some details on the back, as well as several adjustments to the wood to give it a much fresher look.

Cute Azalea Boats JE & BE 1.18.1

  • Base 3d model was rebuilt.
  • The textures were adapted for a correct application.
  • The width of some parts was adjusted to look less intrusive to the player's view.
  • Fixed a bug that caused water to go through the bottom of the boat.
  • the 3d modeling design was created taking care of possible visual obstructions.

Progress: 100%
Game version: 1.18.1
Resolution 16x
Optifine: Yes

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